Paying Attention to Upcoming 4k Monitor Releases

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Paying Attention to Upcoming 4k Monitor Releases

Many different companies are talking about upcoming 4k monitor releases. They’re aware of the fact that there are plenty of opportunities to make money when it comes to 4k monitors. About six years ago, the trend towards 3D took the world by storm, and a lot of different companies jumped on the bandwagon in order to make money off of the fad while it lasted. 3D is a fad that has come and gone repeatedly over the years, but it has never really been more than the foundation of a passing craze for a reason.

People need to buy special glasses in order to even perceive 3D films, and they have to wear them throughout the duration of the television show or movie. A lot of people today wear glasses, especially adults. People who don’t wear contacts instead are going to be at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to viewing anything that was intended to be seen in 3D, since they will have to wear these new glasses on top of their old glasses. Oddly enough, few companies thought of creating clip-on 3D glasses for people to wear, even though it is possible to modify glasses like this when it comes to sunglasses. Restricting a huge portion of one’s potential audience like this is never a good idea. As such, it shouldn’t be surprising that 3D seems to have faded again.


A few years ago, a lot of movies were made in 3D with a lot of special care involved. People would be given out special 3D glasses during showings of certain movies, and they would probably get them with the DVDs of those movies. Live video streaming is becoming more popular than DVDs today, and movies where 3D glasses are handed out have once again become extremely rare. However, when 3D faded from the scene again, it left something of a void. Many people still want to be able to experience media in a different and more impressive manner. These individuals are still interested in jumping on the next new visualization trend. Today, the upcoming 4k monitor releases may be able to fill that need from a market perspective.

People who want to be able to see television shows and movies in a whole new way will be able to do so when they purchase the new 4k monitors from companies like Samsung. Apple has always been a company that is good at capitalizing on new trends, and there is no chance that it is going to be left out of something like the rise of 4k viewing. Customers should keep their eyes and ears open for new 4k and 5k monitor releases from Apple, which should probably update them at a pace that is similar to the pace at which Apple releases all of its new technology. However, companies like Sony and Samsung have been part of the game. All of the major tech companies are going to be in on this trend eventually. Monitoring the upcoming 4k monitor releases is going to be interesting.

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The 10 Most Exciting Cities

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The 10 Most Exciting Cities

There are beautiful cities, there are ugly cities, and then there are exciting cities. They’re those urban destinations that generate such a buzz and cause such enthusiasm that you enjoy just thinking about them as you pack your bags. They’re major cities successful in selling themselves as centers of intense experiences for all the senses and that never fail to meet expectations.

Want to go somewhere really exciting?


Times Square on a rainy night in New York City

No one can deny that this is the capital of the world. Millions dream to live in it, many more want to visit at least once in their lifetime. The lights of Broadway and Times Square hypnotize you into believing that this is the center of the world, inviting you to experience all that the city has to offer – from addictive shopping to non-stop eating.


The unofficial capital of Europe treasures its historic legacy but also constantly reinvents itself. It’s one of the world’s most irreverent cities, and despite offering some of the greatest art collections in the world, the main attraction is its street life and market shopping. What other metropolis could make any visitor overlook the constant rain and wish to return over and over again?


When you go to Vegas you’re really going to a theme park. It brings out the naughty kid in everyone, a place for fun with little or no restrictions. Everyone wants to believe that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but the truth is that everyone now knows that this is a city for decadence and that’s what makes it so appealing.


The world’s biggest party city is a place you go to for the fun of it. There are no major cultural attractions or great architectural icons (give or take a few Art Deco buildings), but there is a lot going on at the beaches and hotel bars and pools. It’s the city of bling and to see and be seen, where exhibitionism is the main attraction.


The allure of Hollywood is enough to make L.A. a dream city. Sure it’s not a pretty place, but it’s where you go to confirm what celebrity life is said to be, a place to indulge in a little pampering, from the bar to the beach to Beverly Hills shopping.



Who could have imagined what it would become when looking at it as recently as the 1980’s? From interesting-but-overlooked port city to major world city in just about a decade, Barcelona is now a dynamic mix of urban and resort area, offering the opportunity to experience culture, singular architecture and some of the world’s best food — more than enough to have made it one of the world’s must-go cities.



It has several new competitors but this is the original and still-unbeatable over-the-top megacity. It’s a place you gotta see to believe, a destination that attracts curiosity to witness architectural history in the making. From fishing village by the desert to one of the world’s greatest hubs, Dubai has become the talk of the urban travel world.



A city that evokes feelings of romance and urban perfection as you walk down grand boulevards, shopping at the world’s greatest boutiques and stopping at legendary cafes is the world’s most-visited for a reason. Everyone wants to experience Paris and best of all is leaving with the feeling that it really is what you imagined it to be and more.


The girls from Ipanema, the sand of Copacabana, the images of the Sugar Loaf and Corcovado are enough to raise your body temperature even before you arrive. You then join the local “cariocas” (as Rio natives call themselves) in wearing very little and showing quite a lot, making Rio the marvelous city of natural and gym-sculpted beauty. Here life’s a beach and there’s no place like it.


It has a rather sleazy reputation but that’s part of what makes it so fascinating. It’s a city of contrasts, hanging on to never-ending traditions while at the same time being arguably the most Westernized capital in Asia. It’s a place that invites exploration, and word of mouth says no one leaves indifferent or disappointed in the profusion of sights and smells. That’s why, if you visit only one Asian city, Bangkok is usually the right choice.

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